CMTF has developed several posters, infographics and videos designed to help Healthcare Professionals and the Public - including patients and families, advocate for nutrition.


Resources & Tools

CMTF’s research and leadership in the field has led to the development of a number of evidence-based tools and resources that help to prevent, detect and treat malnutrition.


INPAC Online Toolkit

This toolkit provides an overview of the 'what' and 'how' for making change to improve nutrition care practices in your hospital.


Pediatric Nutrition

CMTF established a Pediatric Working Group to address malnutrition in pediatric populations, with a focus initially on inpatient populations. 

About CMTF

The Canadian Malnutrition Task Force (CMTF) is a group of clinicians, decision makers and investigators forming a standing committee of the Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS).

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