Past Canadian Malnutrition Awareness Week™  Campaigns

Posters and infographics from past CMAW campaigns are found under Prevention & Awareness under Healthcare Professionals & Decision-Makers and Public.

Webinar recordings from past CMAW campaigns may be accessed through the Canadian Nutrition Society Education Portal and via the links below.

2018 Webinars

Integrated Nutrition Pathway for Acute Care - How We Made It Work
Speakers: Malnutrition Screening Working Group at St Michael's Hospital

Malnutrition as a phenotype vs Malnutrition due to insufficient intake
Speakers: Khursheed Jeejeebhoy MB, PhD, MRCP, FRCPC, Manon Laporte P.Dt, MSc, CNSC and Donald Duerksen MD, FRCPC

Le comité sentinelle de la malnutrition, l’engagement interdisciplinaire pour contrer la malnutrition en centre de soins aigus
Speaker: Mélissa Lagacé, Dt.P., MBA

Hospital Foodservice Standards and Practices to Prevent Malnutrition
Speakers: Heather Fletcher RD and Janice Sorensen PhD

Looking back and moving forward; a decade of CMTF
Speaker: Heather Keller RD, PhD, FDC

2017 Webinars

Hospital to home: gaps in nutrition care and benefits to consultation with a dietitian
Speaker: Heather Keller RD, PhD, FDC

Fluidité des épisodes de soins au CIUSSS MCQ vers le soutien à domicile
(Smoothing the way from episodes of care to home support)
Speaker: Josée Bernier inf. B sc.

Malnutrition Transitions from Hospital to Home: Linking Patients with Nutrition Care in the Community
Speakers: Marilee Stickles-White RD and Amber Merrell RD

Malnutrition Initiatives in Home Care
Speakers: Nanette Giswold RD and Kelly Reinprecht RD

2016 Webinars

Sell It: Engagement to foster the best nutrition care
Speakers: Leah Gramlich MD, FRCPC and Carlota Basualdo-Hammond RD, MSc, MPH

Implementation of the INPAC in Canadian hospitals: key elements to success
Mise en œuvre de la démarche INPAC dans les hôpitaux canadiens : facteurs clés de réussite
Speakers: Manon Laporte PDt, MSc, CNSC and Marilee Stickles-White, RD

Evidence-based improvements in nutrition care for hospital patients
Speaker: Heather Keller RD, PhD, FDC

2015 Webinars

Malnutrition in Canadian Hospitals - Why We Should Act
La malnutrition dans les hôpitaux canadiens
Speaker: Johane Allard MD, FRCPC

Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine
Les aliments comme médicaments : Stratégies pour améliorer l'apport alimentaire et la culture ds soins mutritionnels dans nos hôpitaux
Speaker: Leah Gramlich MD, FRCPC

INPAC-ting Malnutrition in Your Hospital - the Integrated Nutrition Pathway for Acute Care
Combattre la malnutrition dans votre hôpital : la démarche intégrée de soins nutritionnels en contexte de soins aigus (INPAC)
Speaker: Heather Keller RD, PhD, FDC

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