More-2-Eat Implementation Project  

Malnutrition is common in adults admitted to hospital. The recent Nutrition Care in Canadian Hospitals study identified that one in two patients admitted into 18 academic and community hospitals were malnourished on admission. Malnutrition has significant consequences on quality of life and use of the healthcare system. The More-2-Eat (M2E) implementation project looked at improving nutrition culture in Canadian hospitals and sharing the learning through the CMTF website. Best practices are based on the new Integrated Nutrition Pathway for Acute Care, developed by consensus with Canadian experts and clinicians.

The aim of M2E:

To optimize nutrition care in hospitals, and thus performance of the healthcare system by ensuring that malnutrition and poor food intake are prevented, detected and treated, hence promoting the recovery, function and quality of life of patients, with particular attention on the needs of frail elderly.

The Research Team:

Principal Investigator: Professor Heather Keller, University of Waterloo

Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP): Celia Laur, Tara McNicholl, Renata Valaitis

Co-Investigators: Carlota Basualdo-Hammond, Jack Bell, Paule Bernier, Lori Curtis, Pauline Douglas, Joel Dubin, Donald Duerksen, Leah Gramlich, Manon Laporte, Barbara Liu, Sumantra Ray

Hospital sites: Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta; Pasqua Hospital, Regina, Saskatchewan; Concordia Hospital, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Greater Niagara Falls General Hospital, Niagara Falls, Ontario; The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario

Site Champions: Mei Tom, Marlis Atkins, Roseann Nasser, Donna Butterworth, Brenda Hotson, Marilee Stickles-White, Suzanne Obiorah

Site Research Associates: Michelle Booth, Sheila Doering, Shannon Cowan, Stephanie Barnes, Chelsa Marcell, Andrea Digweed, Lina Vescio, Joseph Murphy

Collaborators: Bridget Davidson (Canadian Malnutrition Task Force), Linda Dietrich (Dietitians of Canada), Khursheed Jeejeebhoy, Alies Maybee (Patients Canada), Marina Mourtzakis, Heather Truber (Canadian Society of Nutrition Management)

The study was funded by the
Canadian Frailty Network


RESULTS Implementation Toolkit

Training Day - August 2015

From left to right, back row: Joseph Murphy, Heather Keller, Michelle Booth, Sheila Doering, Andrea Digweed, Lina Vescio, Chelsa Marcell, Celia Laur

From left to right, front row: Shannon Cowan, Roseann Nasser, Renata Valaitis, Bridget Davidson, Stephanie Barnes


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