CIHR Health System Impact Fellow

Katherine Ford PhD RD is a CIHR Health Systems Impact Fellow (HSIF) doing a 2-year post doctoral fellowship with CMTF-CNS and University of Waterloo. She is one of 27 post-doctoral fellows in the 2022 HISF cohort and her fellowship is the only nutrition focused project in the 2022 cohort. 

She is CNS-CMTF’s first ever HSI Fellow and is working on CMTF’s initiative, Advancing Malnutrition Care (AMC) under the supervision of Prof. Heather Keller and Dr. Leah Gramlich. Katherine works closely with Rupinder Dhaliwal RD Program Manager of CMTF and the Core CMTF team on other key initiatives and research such as CAN DreaM, Creating Alliances Nationally to address Disease Related Malnutrition to better understand and advance policy for disease related malnutrition. She has presented this work at national and international conferences, led the submission of research abstracts, proposals and scientific publications originating from CMTF related work.

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