To make an improvement in nutrition care, small and sometimes larger changes need to be embedded into the routines of a variety of staff members. Adoption of a new practice to make it routine takes time and effort. The following resources support this process of adoption and help to make INPAC activities routine.


INPAC Presentation

This is a PowerPoint presentation explaining INPAC and how/when it should be used.

Behaviour Change Techniques

This document defines and matches behaviour change techniques to implementation of INPAC and provides examples of implementation activities from the More-2-Eat study sites.

Model for Improvement

This document explain the Model for Improvement within the context of implementing INPAC.

Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Cycles

This document explains the PDSA cycles within the context of implementing INPAC

Acknowledgment: The ideas and resources included on this page are provided in part by the hospitals involved in the More-2-Eat project.

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