Survey: Nutrition Care Practices in Primary Care, the Community, and the Hospital


The Canadian Malnutrition Task Force Primary Care Working Group, led by Professor Heather Keller, has developed two nutrition care pathways: one for older adults living in the community, and one for people going back to the community after being in the hospital. The nutrition care pathways provide methods to prevent, detect, and treat malnutrition among these populations.

We are currently conducting a survey to assess the acceptability and feasibility of the care methods that we recommend throughout the nutrition care pathways. The results will be used to finalize and implement nutrition care pathways designed to manage malnutrition.

We are interested in hearing from:

  1. Patients or patient advocates who have had experience with nutrition services or care in a hospital or in the community (e.g., dietitian consultation, meal delivery or meal program, etc.);
  2. Healthcare providers (e.g., dietitians, physicians, nurses, etc.) who provide care in hospital or primary care settings; and
  3. Social service providers (e.g., social work, meal programs, transportation services, etc.) that serve patients leaving hospital or older adults in the community.

Questions will focus on:

  1. Identifying current nutrition care practices in primary care, the community, and the hospital;
  2. Determining areas of current nutrition care that need improvement; and
  3. Evaluating if the methods in the nutrition care pathways will help improve current nutrition care practices for these populations.

The patient and patient advocate version takes approximately 15 minutes, and the provider version takes about 30 minutes. People are invited to participate in online survey at: until May 30, 2020. This study has been reviewed and received ethics clearance through the University of Waterloo Research Ethics Committee (ORE#41673).

We have provided two study posters (one for patients/advocates and one for providers). Please forward this survey information throughout your networks.

Patient and Patient Advocate Recruitment Poster - ENGLISH

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Provider Recruitment Poster - ENGLISH

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Patients/proches aidants - FRENCH

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Professionnels de la santé/fournisseurs de services - FRENCH

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