Primary & Community Care

CMTF established the Primary Care Working Group with a mandate to prevent, detect and treat malnutrition in the primary care and home health/home care setting. The working group consists of clinicians and managers physicians passionate about improving nutrition care in the community sector. This working group has been instrumental in creating several evidence based resources including for older adults and for malnourished patients transitioning from hospital to home.   

Confidence and Competency in Malnutrition Workshop June 10, 2021

This one-day Virtual Workshop was aimed at community and primary care dietitians promoting the implementation of best practices for nutrition screening, assessment, intervention and evaluation for malnourished patients. Recordings can be accessed through the Canadian Nutrition Society Education Portal.


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Other Clinician Resources

The following resources support health providers in all sectors consider how to detect and manage nutrition risk and malnutrition in older adults.

Senior Friendly 7 Toolkit V2 2019 - click to download 

This video and infographic demonstrate the importance of determining malnutrition and nutrition risk in older adults. Although created in the United States, older adults in Canada have similar risk factors and issues that lead to malnutrition.

University of Hertfordshire's three minute video on raising awareness of the challenges seniors face with grocery shopping:    

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