Primary & Community Care Malnutrition Toolkit

This toolkit was created for Registered Dietitians working in primary care, community, and home care. The toolkit was designed by Dietitians for Dietitians to provide hands on tools to help you screen, assess and treat malnutrition within your practice setting.

The included tools are a combination of evidence based pathways, practical strategies and tips that will guide the Dietitian through screening, assessing, and treating and prevention of malnutrition. 

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Disclaimer: This toolkit has been developed by the Canadian Malnutrition Taskforce (CMTF) - Primary Care Working Group. The resources included are intended for use by Registered  Dietitians and are not meant to replace individual consultation with these clinicians. The content of the individual tools may be modified, however acknowledgement to the original source and/or PCDA, CMTF & CNS must be made.



Visual documents that convey targeted messages related to malnutrition. 

Primary Care Nutrition Pathways 
Pathways developed by the Primary Care CMTF working group are evidence and consensus-based. 

Medical Nutrition Therapy
Developed to guide those providing nutrition care to older adults in primary care  to detect, treat and prevent malnutrition.  

Screening and Assessment Tools
A variety of handouts and forms to assist the healthcare provider with screening and assessment and nutrition care plans for malnourished clients.

Nutrition Care
Handouts to assist the healthcare provider with select nutrition care plans for malnourished clients. 

Transitions and Referrals
Checklists and sample referral forms to help convey key details about the patient’s nutrition care plan to other healthcare providers at discharge or transfer.

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