Pediatric Nutrition

Pediatric malnutrition is a serious concern in hospitals that is often not diagnosed or treated.  Belanger et al (2018) reported that 1 in 3 Canadian children admitted to 5 tertiary pediatric hospitals for more than two days were found to be in a malnourished state on admission, based on subjective global nutrition assessment (SGNA). Children are reported to be at risk for worsening of nutritional status during hospitalization as well. Pediatric populations are especially vulnerable to malnutrition due to lower reserves and increased needs for growth compared to adults.  In order to make a difference, there is a need to take an evidence based approach towards preventing, detecting and treating malnutrition. 

CMTF established a Pediatric Working Group in spring of 2018 to address malnutrition in pediatric populations, with a focus initially on inpatient populations.  Working group membership includes physicians, researchers and dietitians, all with a keen interest in advancing the care in this population.

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