Standard Nutrition Care


Standard care in the P-INPAC pathway refers to the minimum level of nutrition care that should be received by all children, regardless of their nutritional status.


The following are a variety of strategies to promote food intake for all patients:

1. Breastfeeding mothers should be supported to maintain lactation.

2. Infants and young children should always be supervised during feeding.

3. Ensure that foods appropriate for age, diet and texture are available at and outside of mealtimes

4. Assistance with opening packages and eating is required and families should be supported to bring preferred foods from home.

The following recommendations are strategies to identify patients at risk of malnutrition or those that have worsening nutritional status during admission:

5. Food intake monitoring should be provided where possible

6. After initial screening on admission, rescreen nutritional risk every 7 days of admission using a validated screening tool 

7. Growth measurements should be performed on all children at admission, and serially during admission. Details on this can be found at anthropometric assessment

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