P-INPAC Pathway

What is P-INPAC?

P-INPAC (Pediatric Integrated Nutrition Pathway for Acute Care)

The Pediatric Integrated Nutrition Pathway for Acute Care (P-INPAC) is a evidence-based/consensus-based algorithm developed by Canadian clinicians and researchers and it is based on the model of INPAC, the algorithm used and researched for malnutrition care in adult care settings in Canada (https://nutritioncareincanada.ca/resources-and-tools/hospital-care-inpac/inpac). P-INPAC aims to prevent, detect, monitor and treat malnutrition in acute care pediatric patients.

The steps included in P-INPAC are:

Screening    Assessment     Treatment

Each will be covered in more detail on this website.   

P-INPAC is considered a minimum standard to meet the nutritional needs of hospitalized pediatric patients; institutions providing care beyond this minimum should continue to practice at their higher quality standard. 

P-INPAC Implementation

Implementation of P-INPAC in your facility will require readiness,  careful planning, adoption and monitoring/ reinforcing the change in the long term. CLICK HERE to learn more about P-INPAC Implementation.

P-INPAC Pathway: A graphic depiction of the nutrition care pathway

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