Nutrition Focused Physical Exam (NFPE)

The specific focus of the Nutrition focused physical exam (NFPE) is on nutrition, to determine whether the fat, muscle, fluid, and micronutrient status of a patient has diminished due to inflammation, illness, or poor nutrient intake. It is more complete than the physical exam portion of the SGNA, where only muscle, fat stores and fluid status are examined.

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Online Course sponsored by Abbott Nutrition Health Institute:

PUBLICATION DATE: 24 September 2020
CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS: Nurse Contact: 1.0; Dietitian CPEU: 1.0

In this course, you will learn the rationale for completing a nutrition focused physical exam (NFPE) in pediatric patients; discuss the role of NFPE in identifying malnutrition; identify clinical signs of common nutrient deficiencies and toxicities; and assess hydration status.

Practitioner’s Guide to Nutrition-Focused Physical Exam of Infants, Children, and Adolescents

This Practitioner’s Guide provides comprehensive and specific explanations of the head-to-toe physical exam individualized to different stages of development from full-term birth through adolescence. 

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