Use of CMTF Materials 

The CMTF logo and tag line “Advancing Nutrition Care in Canada” is trademarked and its use is not permitted by any other organization.

CMTF has developed resources and tools that are available for use by interested parties. Permission to use these materials is not required. It is recommended that the tools be used as presented. Formal permission to alter the tools must be sought via CNS Executive Director:

Please acknowledge CMTF as the original source when materials are used/referenced.

CMTF tag line “Food is Medicine. Medicine Heals” is not copyrighted/trademarked.

CMTF’s research and leadership in the field has led to the development of a number of evidence-based tools and resources that help to prevent, detect and treat malnutrition, including INPAC algorithm and toolkit.

These and other resources and tools for various settings/areas can be accessed via the links below:








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