Buy-in is needed from management through to unit staff and food service department employees to implement INPAC. Engagement develops from building awareness and getting management and team members to envision how improvements can be made to better the nutrition care of all patients. The following resources will support you with developing buy-in and engagement of those who will be involved in implementing INPAC.


Fine tuning on change management - MP4 Video

Seminar held May 23, 2018


Involving Everyone in Nutrition Care

A few examples of how ALL staff can be involved in nutrition care.

Discussion Group Questions

Sample questions for a discussion group with hospital staff

Becoming Food Aware

This PowerPoint presentation highlights strategies to improve patient food intake and to changethe nutrition care culture

Malnutrition Overview

This PowerPoint presentation focuses on the definition, prevalence, outcomes and cost associated with malnutrition. It can be used to convince others that malnutrition is a problem in Canada.

Top Tips for Physicians

Evidence and tips about malnutrition for physicians

Food Service Involvement

This PowerPoint presentation can be used to engage the Food Service department in preventing malnutrition.


This document explains the use of the ADKAR framework in INPAC implementation

Acknowledgment: The ideas and resources included on this page are provided in part by the hospitals involved in the More-2-Eat project.

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