To make an improvement in nutrition care, small and sometimes larger changes need to be embedded into the routines of a variety of staff members. Adoption of a new practice to make it routine takes time and effort. The following resources support this process of adoption and help to make INPAC activities routine.


INPAC Presentation

This presentation provides an overview of the Integrated Nutrition Pathway for Acute Care and how it was implemented in the More-2-Eat Phase 1 project.

Behaviour Change Techniques

This document defines and matches behaviour change techniques to implementation of INPAC and provides examples of implementation activities from the More-2-Eat study sites.

Model for Improvement

This document explain the Model for Improvement within the context of implementing INPAC.

Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Cycles

This document explains the PDSA cycles within the context of implementing INPAC

Acknowledgment: The ideas and resources included on this page are provided in part by the hospitals involved in the More-2-Eat project.

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