Changing Practice

The More-2-Eat study helped to identify implementation supports to improving nutrition care. The following sections outline stages of making change, however it is important to remember that change is more of a cyclical process. With each newly implemented practice, stages will need to be revisited as required.

Get Ready

The unit staff, hospital management and a few key people need to be ready before you start making changes. The following resources will help to build readiness for your team to take on implementation of INPAC.


Buy-in is needed from management through to unit staff and food service department employees to implement INPAC. The following resources will support you with developing buy-in and engagement of those who will be involved in implementing INPAC.


To make an improvement in nutrition care, small and sometimes larger changes need to be embedded into the routines of a variety of staff members. The following resources support this process of adoption and help to make INPAC activities routine.


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