INPAC (Integrated Nutrition Pathway for Acute Care)

The Integrated Nutrition Pathway for Acute Care (INPAC) is an evidence and consensus based algorithm developed by Canadian clinicians and researchers to detect, monitor, and treat malnutrition in acute care patients. INPAC is considered a minimum standard to meeting the nutritional needs of patients. The INPAC Toolkit provides the knowledge and tools needed to take practical steps that will lead to big nutritional change for hospital patients.

Integrated Nutrition Pathway for Acute Care
A graphic depiction of the nutrition care pathway

INPAC: Guidance Document
This document provides information on how to interpret the INPAC document


INPAC Online Toolkit

The INPAC online toolkit, developed from the More-2-Eat study, provides the 'what' and 'how' to improve nutrition care practices in your hospital. 

Online Toolkit

Download the complete INPAC toolkit (.pdf format)



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