A key mission of Canadian Malnutrition Task Force (CMTF) is to advocate for implementing strategies to prevent, detect and treat malnutrition. This includes developing knowledge translation materials that aim to educate, raise awareness and engage healthcare providers, the public (including patients and their families) and policy makers in promoting and taking appropriate action. 

CMTF is working to increase the awareness of the impact of malnutrition and the importance of food and nutrition care with government officials. 

Healthcare Professionals & Decision-Makers
Posters, infographics, videos, presentations and presentation templates designed to help Healthcare Professionals advocate for nutrition. Some materials can be used by the Public, including patients and families. 

Public Infographics
Posters, infographics and videos designed to help the Public - including patients and families, advocate for nutrition.

Grand Rounds
CMTF offers opportunities for hospitals to host Grand Rounds on Malnutrition and for health care professionals and patients to share their experiences with food and nutrition in hospital, have also been created.

Success Stories
See how health care providers have shared their personal experiences and Success Stories to help us understand how to tackle malnutrition issues in Canada.

National Standard on Malnutrition Prevention, Detection and Treatment 
Through a joint collaboration between CMTF and Health Standards Organization, a Malnutrition Prevention, Detection and Treatment Standard 2021 has been developed. This national Standard will be the foundation on which hospital accreditation programs and public policy are built.

Creating Alliances Nationally to address Disease Related Malnutrition (CAN DReaM) is a CNS-CMTF initiative that started in 2022, built on the United Nations Decade of Nutrition, to advocate for policies related to Disease Related Malnutrition (DRM).

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