On June 1, 2018 the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force hosted a Primary Care Knowledge Exchange in Toronto, Ontario. Clinicians from across Canada were invited to attend.  The purpose of the day long meeting was to share what the various provinces are doing to address malnutrition in the community sector.  As a result of this successful day long meeting the CMTF will be creating a Primary Care Working Group with national representation.  The Working Group will begin meeting in the fall of 2018.

To review the report of the Primary Care Knowledge Exchange click on this statement.

For Terms of Reference

Members of the Working Group are:

Chair: Heather Keller (Ontario)

Leila Goharian (British Columbia), Dr. Brenda Huff (British Columbia), Dr. Onoura Odoh (British Columbia), Carlota Basualdo-Hammond (Alberta), Dr. Leah Gramlich (Alberta), Dr. Angela Juby (Alberta), Janet Stadnyk (Alberta), Carina Folgering (Saskatchewan), Roseann Nasser (Saskatchewan), Colleen Einarson (Manitoba), Sarah Ross (Manitoba), Marg Alfieri (Ontario), Wendy Carew (Ontario), Celia Laur (Ontario), Michele Macdonald Werstuck (Ontario), Paule Bernier (Quebec), Melissa Mercier (Quebec), Victoria Gray (Nova Scotia)

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