Carbohydrates Under Target: Ketogenic diet and Type 1 Diabetes

Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Time: 12:00 - 13:00 ET

Speaker: Anne-Sophie Brazeau, PhD, RD

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Data from type 1 diabetes registries show that over 4 out of 5 patients have A1c levels above the 7% target. Therefore, a large proportion people with type 1 diabetes are struggling to achieve good diabetes control and are avidly looking for strategies, such as the ketogenic diet, to improve it. There is indeed a growing interest in limiting carbohydrate in the diabetes community, however healthcare professionals are sometimes reluctant to provide guidance on how low we can limit the carbohydrate intake due to the lack of information related to safety issues. During this presentation, we will explore the short term impact of the ketogenic diet on diabetes management and discuss the potential safety issues in the context of type 1 diabetes. We will consider the patients’ perspectives for adopting this diet and review the pros and cons to allow informed decision from the patient.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the patient’s perspective for adopting a ketogenic diet and its implication for healthcare professionals

2. Discuss the evidence surrounding the ketogenic diet and type 1 diabetes, specifically the short-term impact on diabetes management

About the Speaker:

Dr. Anne-Sophie Brazeau is a registered dietitian, member of the Ordre Professionnel des Diététistes du Québec. She is an Assistant Professor at the School of Human Nutrition of McGill University and Director of the dietetics education and practice program.

She obtained her PhD from the Université de Montréal in 2012 with the ‘Exceptional’ distinction. Her researches have focused on characterizing physical activity and eating behaviors of adults with type 1 diabetes and testing group-based intervention for improving health behaviors and preventing further complications. In 2013, she joined the Division of Clinical Epidemiology at McGill University to pursue postdoctoral research further exploring health behaviours of families with previous history of gestational diabetes and strategies for diabetes prevention. She obtained a CIHR-Banting and Best scholarship for her doctoral studies and a Heart and Stroke Foundation fellowship for her postdoctoral studies.

Her projects follow the strategies for patients-oriented research. She engages people experiencing the disease as well as clinicians as partners on her projects, therefore ensuring working on priorities important for patients’ outcomes. Her research has led to the creation of a Virtual Peer Network for youth with type 1 diabetes for peer support and action. She is currently co-leading the BETTER program, a CIHR/JDRF co-funded research program targeting the hypoglycemia burden in type 1 diabetes by optimizing use of new technologies, therapies and improvement of health behaviors. The interest of working on the ketogenic diet arose from exchanging with the patients and healthcare professionals. She first conducted a qualitative study to understand the patient’s experience with the diet and is now conducting a clinical trial to understand the short term impact of a very low carb high fat diet on diabetes management and safety.

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