The Food in Health Care Working Group is comprised of Food Service Directors and Clinical Nutrition Leaders from across Canada.  The group began meeting in early 2018 with a mandate to create national food service standards to prevent malnutrition.

For Terms of Reference 

Members of the Working Group are: 

Co-Chairs:  Heather Fletcher (Ontario) & Janice Sorensen (British Columbia)

Leslie Carson (Yukon), Elaine Chu (British Columbia), Heather Truber (Alberta), Dr. Leah Gramlich (Alberta), Stephanie Cook (Saskatchewan), Elma Hrapovich (Ontario), Leslie Whittington-Carter (Dietitians of Canada), Michel Sanscartier (Quebec), Jennifer Reynolds (Food Secure Canada), Jacqueline Noseworthy (New Brunswick) and Brenda MacDonald (Nova Scotia). 

Past webinars that may be of interest:

1. September 27, 2018 - Evidence-based hospital foodservice standards will help to ensure that food is an effective first line of defense to prevent and treat malnutrition. Current standards and practices will be shared by the Food in Healthcare Working Group of the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force and next steps towards the implementation of Canadian standards will be discussed.

2. August 23, 2018 - The question of what qualifies as “healthy” food is highly contested in health care and beyond. This webinar will bring together four varying perspectives from four thought-leaders to explore how hospitals and health care facilities can lead the charge in expanding the definition of healthy food, to better serve people, patients, and planet. Join panelists: Kelly Gordon, R.D Six Nations Health Services; Diane Imrie, Director of Nutrition at the University of Vermont Medical Centre; chef Joshna Maharaj, Take Back the Tray; and Dr Janice Sorensen, Langara College; to explore ways to better connect food and health through the patient meal experience, food service operations, food environments, and making connections from health care settings into community. Janice is the co-chair of the CMTF Food in Health Care Working Group. To see the archived webinar go to:

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