Monitoring Patients

This site can provide you with the necessary equipment for obtaining anthropometric measurements.  Equipment used in the Nutrition Care in Canadian Hospitals study included: digital chair scale, knee-height caliper, portable stadiometre, dynamometer and measuring tape.

My Meal Intake Tool: Guidance Document
This form explains how the patient or family member is to complete the My Meal Intake Tool.

My Meal Intake Tool
This form is for patients or family members to complete.  It is to assist health care professionals in learning how well the patient is eating.

Visual Estimation of Food Intake Form
Tired of “calorie counts” because they are not completed accurately and no one has time to analyze the results?  Try using this quick form to estimate the percentage of food and fluid intake that a patient consumes at meals and snacks. The Canadian Malnutrition Task Force reported that eating less than 50% of the food and fluids provided is an independent risk factor for malnutrition.  This quick, simple tool can provide valuable results.

Statistics Canada reference values for maximum grip strength, by sex and age
The source of this information is the 2007 to 2013 Canadian Health Measures Survey



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