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February 5, 2017 - Health Care Professional

Canadian Malnutrition Week at University Health Network

UHN spreads the word about Canadian Malnutrition Week 2016!
UHN knows that malnutrition is a big issue in Canadian hospitals and was eager to raise awareness to make hospital staff and visitors more “food aware.”
This is how we did it…

• Created and distributed…

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January 4, 2017 - Health Care Professional

Trillium Health Partners 2016 Canadian Malnutrition Week campaign

The 2016 Canadian Malnutrition Week at Trillium Health Partners (Mississauga Hospital) featured a large version of the Food is Medicine poster with the question “What is Keeping Patients from Eating” that was hung outside of the j-wing elevator doors. Smaller laminated posters were also printed and placed on the units…

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June 7, 2016 - Health Care Professional

CMTF An Inspiration to other Hospitals

I wanted to let you know about a hospital alliance that took the message of the CMTF to heart and has completed so many practice changes that I feel they can be an inspiration to other hospitals. In 2014, the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA) nutrition department embarked on their…

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June 19, 2015 - Health Care Professional

Dr. Johane Allard Presents on the Research of the CMTF

At Sault Area Hospital (SAH), we were fortunate to have Dr. Johane Allard from the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force, present to our hospital staff (all disciplines) on the research of the CMTF in Canadian Hospitals. Since the presentation (March 2014), we formed our SAH malnutrition taskforce with a multidisciplinary team.…

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June 15, 2015 - Health Care Professional

Grey Bruce Health Services (GBHS) Implements Canadian Nutrition Screening Tool (CNST)

At Grey Bruce Health Services (GBHS) we have worked hard over the past year to implement the Canadian Nutrition Screening Tool (CNST) as a mandatory field in the electronic medical record for all adult patient admissions. Steps we took:

• July 2014 - Pre-implementation data was collected…

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November 10, 2014 - Health Care Professional

Dr. Keller Presents CMTF at Grand Rounds

We had Dr. Keller come and present at grand rounds in June and have since developed a Malnutrition Task Force cochaired by myself and my nurse educator. All of our nursing directors are part of this team as well!! We just implemented "awareness initiatives" with our nursing staff with two…

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July 3, 2014 - Health Care Professional

Quebec Hospital Conducts Nutrition Screening

Since January 2012, a Quebec hospital has been conducting nutrition screening among several clientele: shelters, preadmission clinics, one-stop access services for persons with reduced autonomy, routine services at CSLCs, and hospital inpatients. If screening shows overt malnutrition or a moderate to high risk of malnutrition, a request is sent to…

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June 16, 2014 - Health Care Professional

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (TBRHSC) aligns Nutrition & Food Services departmental goals with CMTF Study Conclusions & Recommendations

At Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (TBRHSC) we are striving to align our Nutrition and Food Services departmental goals with the insight passed on by the CMTF's research study conclusions and recommendations. Below are a few examples of new practices we have developed to hopefully mitigate malnutrition risk.

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June 4, 2014 - Health Care Professional

A Registered Dietitian's Perspective

My story is from a Registered Dietitian perspective. Patient X is transferred to an acute medical ward after a long stay in ICU. He is young and alert but has developed a severe sacral wound and is unable to walk due to severe deconditioning. He has very few visitors who…

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June 1, 2014 - Health Care Professional

A Case of Malnutrition in Hospials

A patient in her late 80s was admitted to hospital with pneumonia. She had no history of dementia, lived alone and was highly functional prior to admission. The patient was very engaging and "full of spirit" during her first week of admission until she was put in isolation, when, as…

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