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Protected Mealtimes Video – A must watch to protect the patient
The following YouTube video (there are two parts but they run together) provides an overview of ‘protected mealtimes’ in NHS hospitals – a period of time over lunch and supper when activities on the wards stop to allow patients to eat in a comfortable environment.

Food Service Video – This YouTube video is brief but powerful!
This YouTube video is brief but powerful!  It shows why “CATERING” (or food service) plays as a major role to play in caring for patients and fighting malnutrition in the National Health Service.

Why should hospitalized patients’ diets be liberalized?
Learn about the problem, why and how we should change practice…

Exploring the place of Ontario food at University Health Network – a case study

Overview of the final results from the Nutrition Care in Canadian Hospitals Study and an exploration of the effects of malnutrition on in-hospital patients Johane Allard, MD, FRCP

To obtain a copy of An Interprofessional Approach to Malnutrition in Hospitalized Adults: Dietitians Leading the Way, click on this link to the public side of the Dietitians of Canada web site (scroll down to the bottom of the page)

Britain’s National Health Service has five documents available for developing an in hospital Protected Mealtime program:

  1. Protected Mealtimes Review
  2. Implementation Checklist
  3. Ward Poster
  4. Implementation: Top Tips
  5. Observational Audit
  6. Practical Guide – presentation

Download the documents here.

What does it take to serve local food to our patients? Check out the video from the University Health Network in Toronto

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