Nutrition Care in Canadian Hospitals Study

Predictors of dietitian consults
This poster summarizes the predictors of dietitian consults.

Physicians’ perspective of malnutrition
This poster describes physicians’ knowledge about patient malnutrition.

Nurses’ perspective of malnutrition
This poster describes nurses’ knowledge about patient malnutrition.

Malnutrition at hospital admission
This poster describes the prevalence of malnutrition in Canadian hospitals and the predictors of LOS.

Integrated nutrition pathway for acute care
This poster describes the process used to develop the algorithm of nutrition care.

Canadian Nutrition Screening Tool
This poster is a synopsis of the testing done for the Canadian Nutrition Screening Tool.

Barriers to food intake
This poster can be used as a brief teaching tool for hospital personnel to understand the multitude of barriers that patients face when it comes to trying to eat while hospitalized.

Becoming Food Aware in Hospital: Best practices for a multi-level approach to improve the culture of nutrition in hospitals
This poster was presented at the American Society for Nutrition in Boston, Massachusetts - March 2015.

Applying the Knowledge-to-Action process to implement best practice in hospital nutrition care
This poster was presented at the Canadian Nutrition Society conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba – May 2015.


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