Welcome to the second annual Canadian Malnutrition Week, Sept 26-30, 2016. Interest and passion for improving the prevention, detection and treatment of malnutrition in Canadian hospitals is growing! We are pleased to host, with the Canadian Nutrition Society, three application focused webinars. In addition to new e-banners and posters targeted to health care professionals, decision makers and the public, we have expanded the resources to include two short videos, which will also be shared on social media. As champions for making improvements in nutrition care, we hope that these materials will further support your initiatives to Advancing Nutrition Care in Canada. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share the message! 

Heather Keller, Chair of the Advisory Board


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Sell it: Engage teams to sell the best nutrition care

Monday, September 26, 1200 – 1300 hours EDT

This presentation will describe communication and engagement techniques to build awareness about the issue of malnutrition and mobilize change within an organization. Ideas on how to use evidence and local data to strengthen your message will be shared. Information about malnutrition campaigns and examples of local action will be provided. Attendees will be encouraged to become “change agents” in their organization to achieve the best nutrition care.

Speakers: Carlota Basualdo-Hammond RD, MSC, MPH, Executive Director, Nutrition Services, Provincial Strategy, Standards and Practice and Dr. Leah Gramlich, gastroenterologist and physician nutrition specialist are both employed by Alberta Health Services. 

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Implementation of the INPAC in Canadian hospitals: key elements to success

Wednesday, September 28, 1200 – 1300 hours EDT

The Integrated Nutrition Pathway for Acute Care (INPAC) is an evidence-based algorithm to detect, monitor and treat malnutrition in acute care patients.  In the More-2-Eat Study, the implementation of the INPAC is tested in 5 Canadian hospitals.  This session will provide practical information on how one independent hospital site and one involved in the More-2-Eat Study have implemented aspects of the INPAC this year.  More specific focus will be on nutrition screening at admission, triage using the Subjective Global Assessment and implementation of a Volunteer Meal Assistance Program.  Key strategies for success will be discussed.

Speakers: Manon Laporte RD, member of the CMTF Advisory Board and Clinical Dietitian at Réseau de santé Vitalité Health Network in New Brunswick, and Marilee Stickles White RD, Regional Manager Clinical Nutrition, Niagara Health System. 

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Evidence based improvements in nutrition care for hospital patients.

Thursday, September 29, 1200 – 1300 hours EDT

This presentation will provide an overview of the Integrated Nutrition Pathway for Acute Care (INPAC), specifically highlighting key roles for nurses, physicians and dietitians. The evidence supporting Advanced Nutrition Care strategies such as use of oral nutritional supplements, including use of small volumes at time of medication administration, food based initiatives and dietetic counselling will be the focus. The evidence for dietetic counselling with and without supplementation post discharge will also be presented.

Speaker: Heather Keller, PhD, RD, Chair of the CMTF Advisory Board and Schlegel Research Chair Nutrition & Aging, Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging & Department of Kinesiology

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Please note:  All webinars, with the exception of Manon’s, will be presented in English with slide decks available in French.  Manon’s presentation will be conducted in French with a supplementary English slide deck.


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