Welcome to the third annual Canadian Malnutrition Week, Sept 25-29, 2017. The theme for the 2017 campaign is From Hospital to Home. We are pleased to host, with the Canadian Nutrition Society, three webinars; and provide new e-banners, a poster and video targeted to health care professionals and decision makers. As champions improving nutrition care in hospital and at home we hope these materials will support your initiatives to Advance Nutrition Care in Canada. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to help spread the message!

Heather Keller and Leah Gramlich, Co-Chairs of the Advisory Committee


Please note:  All webinars will be presented in English with slide decks available in French.  Slide decks (French and English) will be posted on the Canadian Nutrition Society education portal https://cns-scn.ca/education/cns-webinars/webinar-line-up by September 18, 2017.


Sept.25 1200 - 1300 hours EDT

Speaker: Heather Keller RD, PhD, FDC

Title: Hospital to home: gaps in nutrition care and benefits to consultation with a dietitian

Description: For many patients, the transition to home from hospital can lead to increased vulnerability to malnutrition and poor health outcomes. Recent evidence from the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force on weight loss post hospitalization and dietetic care will demonstrate the need for improved practices during this time of vulnerability. Evidence will also be presented on nutrition interventions provided during this transition that support recovery. This webinar will set the stage for the Canadian Malnutrition Week Hospital to Home campaign. 


Sept. 26 1130 - 1230 hours EDT

Speaker: Josée Bernier

TitleFluidité des épisodes de soins au CIUSSS MCQ vers le soutien à domicile*

Description: Le vieillissement de la population d'ici 2025 engendre une pression importante auprès du réseau de la santé. Afin d'être en mesure de répondre à cette augmentation, il est important que le milieu hospitalier puisse mettre de l'avant  des pratiques exemplaires afin de maintenir les personnes âgées le plus autonome possible et éviter le déclin fonctionnel en milieu hospitalier.  L'équipe Quatuor mise en place au centre hospitalier de Shawinigan, est un exemple de pratique qui permet un retour à domicile dans un délai raisonnable en sollicitant l'expertise de l'ensemble des professionnels au dossiers afin de préparer le retour à domicile. Cette pratique nous démontre l'importance de l'interdisciplinarité, la satisfaction des professionnels, des usagers et des proches et du devoir accomplie surtout lorsque le retour à domicile n'est pas toujours facile. 

*This webinar will be presented in French. English slide deck will be available.


Sept.27 1200 - 1300 hours EDT

Speakers: Marilee Stickles-White RD and Amber Merrell RD

Title: Malnutrition Transitions from Hospital to Home: Linking Patients with Nutrition Care in the Community

Description: As our Canadian healthcare system focuses on transitioning patients from hospital to home, the dietitian’s role in continuing care for malnourished patients will be even more important. In this presentation, you will learn how two organizations are working together with community partners to tackle malnutrition across the continuum of care. We will hear from one of the hospitals involved in the More-2-Eat Study and another with perspective on continuing nutrition care in the rural setting. The session will focus on their experiences of creating new processes, resources and building links with their communities as malnourished patients return home


Sept.28 1200 - 1300 hours EDT

Speakers: Nanette Giswold RD and Kelly Reinprecht RD

Title: Malnutrition Initiatives in Home Care

Description:  The prevalence of malnutrition among home care clients is well established. As Canadian health care shifts towards the home setting, practices to detect, prevent and treat malnutrition are of increasing importance.  Furthermore, there is a need to complement malnutrition initiatives in the hospital setting to ensure continuation of nutrition care for successful discharge. In this webinar, you will hear from dietitians working in the New Brunswick Extra Mural Program and the Alberta Home Living Program about malnutrition initiatives in Home Care.





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